Pimples and Acne

Getting rid of pimples and acne. This is my lifelong goal. I’m always having breakout, especially when my monthly cycle is near. I’ve heard that this is due to hormonal change and decided to do something about it.

What do I do to control my hormones? This is what I eat:


Omega3 Fish Oil 1000mg_60
Ocean Health Omega 3


In the past, I read an article on how omega 3 helps to control hormone level, and through hormones control the acne that has been appearing all over my face and body.

This entry will be split into 2 sections:

  • Facial Acne
  • Back Acne

How I deal with facial acne:

I have breakouts especially around my chin area and I saw a face map that said maybe the cause of my pimples is due to my diet. I was eating too many snacks such as Lays potato chips, Nachos, popcorn and late night ice cream topped with honey roasted sunflower kernels. Sinfully delicious but, for beauty, my cravings had to be stopped.

So I made a switch. No more ice cream. Whenever I crave sweet things, I will snack on grapes and cherry tomatoes. Whenever I crave for something crunchy I will steam corn and chew on it. It’s not exactly the same but these simple switches help with my craving.

Oh and most importantly, no durian. I had to give up on my love for it caused me to have trouble in the toilet. Constipation also leads to acne for my body.

In addition to the dietary change, I started looking for creams to apply on my pimples. First I tried Acne Clear pimple cream which was what a doctor prescribed to me many many years ago when I first started having pimples.


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.19.15 PM.png
Acne Clear pimple cream

It worked wonderfully for me back then but when I tried this product again it gave me an allergic reaction and I had to wear a mask to school. Maybe it was too strong for my skin so I found another pimple cream: Innisfree Bija Trouble Spot Essence (here).


This pimple cream is quite mild. It doesn’t cause allergy reaction but it also doesn’t really work. I apply a coat on my pimples at night before bed and the next morning the pimple is still there. It didn’t disappear or become smaller just maybe a tiny little less red.

I also bought acne pimple patches. Till date I’ve treated a few brands and MiaCare works the best for me. It’s cheaper than Nexcare and more effective than Innisfree Bjia Trouble Spot Patch (here) and Oxy Acne Patch.

MiaCare Acne Patch
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.29.10 PM
Mentholatum OXY Acne Patch



3M Nexcare Acne Patch


I bought a few packs of Day patches and Night patches. The Day acne patch are thinner than the Night acne patch and can be worn out. Usually I stick one Day patch on my face and head to school. My friends don’t even notice until I tell them and they have to take a closer look to notice that there is something on my chin.

I am sure 3M Nexcare acne patch works just as good but it is so sooooo pricey. One tube of pimple cream that can last me forever only cost a few bucks but these acne patches more expensive and I can only use them a limited number of times. Broke university student here..

Summary for Facial Ance:

Day: Clean my face + Moisturize + Sunscreen > Pimple patch > Off to school

Night: Clean my face + Moisturize > Pimple cream > Pimple patch > Bed

These combinations work for me. In around 2 days my pimples are visibly smaller and some totally disappear.

Dealing with Back Acne:

I was really upset when I wore a Maxi dress and one of my close friend, a really straightforward guy, went “OMG  Fiona, what happened to your back? Why do you have so many backacne???”

Despite that tactless comment, he is still a friend. Now he pokes fun at my weight gain.

Back then, I was really hurt by his comment and knew that I have to do something about my backacne and scars. My relationship with backacne started way back in Secondary school. My personal hygiene wasn’t really good. We don’t get to shower after PE classes and the sweat clogged up my pores. When I got home I didn’t scrub my back and take care of it. Then the trouble started and I thought that it might be puberty and it will eventually fade away. How wrong was I.

So now what can I do to get rid of my backacne and all the scars I’ve accumulated since teenage years?

I looked on the net and experimented with a few Pinterest hacks and what not. It was way too troublesome to cut lemon and try to scrub my back with it. One day I just decided to use my brother’s facial cleanser (The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Spearmint) for my back as I know men cleansers are stronger.


And also, since he wasn’t using the cleanser anymore, I shouldn’t let it go to waste. I rubbed the foam all over my back and cleaned it as I normally would clean my face. Then I took a back scrub and started vigorously scrubbing, trying to rub out all the dirt. After shower, I applied Hiruscar Post Acne gel with hopes that my scars will really disappear.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 3.09.14 PM.png

I gave the method 3 weeks before I looked into a mirror to check. During those time, I had the feeling that my back was clearing up. I no longer feel those big bumps on certain areas. And indeed, after 3 weeks my backacne has significantly cleared up. There are still scars but my backacne had cleared up. The scars were still visible but I could see that they were lighter compared to the past.

I have since used this method for half a year now and my scars have 80% disappeared.


Men’s cleanser > Scrub > Towel dry > Apply hiruscar

I can now wear whatever I want to with more confidence. ❤ No more laughing behind my back at my back!

I hope these method works for you guys as well!






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