Everyday Skincare Routine

I’ve spoken to a few friends who are interested in makeup but never tried it. The main reason they gave me was “I don’t know how to remove it! What if I don’t remove my makeup properly and pimples start popping on my face?”

And so, this post is to share with you guys how I cleanse my face. I wear very little makeup to school everyday, just some concealer on troubled spots and mascara.

Removing Makeup


  • The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk
  • Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye & Lips
  • Cotton pads and cotton buds
  • Alternatively: Bifesta Brightup Cleansing Sheet


  • Remove all lip and eye makeup first by pouring Maybelline Makeup Remover on some cotton pads. Gently pressed onto eyes and hold for 5 seconds before wiping it. Repeat process until eye area is clean.
  • To get rid of the smudged eyeliner, pour some makeup remover on the cotton buds and gently clean the eye area. Repeat the steps for lips too.
  • Next, squeeze 1 to 2 pumps of cleansing milk and rub it gently all over face. Take 2 pieces of cotton pads, wet it and wipe face gently. Wash cotton pads with water and wipe face again until no foundation stains are left on the pads.
  • Makeup removal: DONE

Alternatively, just use Bifesta cleansing sheet and wipe all over face until all makeup are gone. I’ve been using Bifesta for about a year now and I really like how convenient it is to carry around and it is so easy to use! The only downside is that it’s rather pricey. In Japan it costs only half the price! Gonna stock up if I ever visit Japan again. But for now, it’s back to the cheaper alternative.

The cleansing milk by TFS is by far the best cleansing milk I’ve used. I have pretty sensitive skin and break out easily. Some cleansers are too strong and leave my face feeling really dry and tight. Hate that feeling. TFS cleansing milk totally melt away my makeup and leave my face clean and moisturized after wash. I just need to rinse with tap water and I’m done with cleansing.

Daily Skincare Routine


  • Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam (here)
  • Evian Facial Spray
  • Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum (here)
  • Innisfree Green tea Seed Cream (here)
  • Innisfree Extreme Safety Sun Gel SPF 50+/PA+++(here)


*I usually skip the cleansing foam if I’ve just removed my makeup with the cleansing milk. Double cleansing leaves my skin tight which I don’t like.

  • Wet face with water then lather with cleansing foam. Rub gently on nose (My nose is the oiliest part of my face. Need to make sure to get all the oil out) and other part of the face. Avoid the eyes. Wash off with cold water and dry face.
  • Apply toner. Evian Facial Spray is what I’ve been using this month. Usually I will pour my toner on a piece of cotton pad and swipe all over my face but since this month I’m using a spray, I can save some cotton pads. hoho.
  • Apply serum. Just squeeze a pump onto your palms and rub all over face. Serum helps to provide the extra moisture for my face. (In the past I used to break out in pimples because I didn’t use the right cleanser and right moisturizer, leaving my face really dry and tight. When my face is dry, it prompts my skin to release more oil, as a result the oil clogged my pores and caused pimples, white heads and black heads to grow. Therefore it is important to provide ample moisture for my face.)
  • Apply seed cream. How much to use? I usually use about one tiny scoop. Maybe around the size of SG 5cent coin. It depends on face size and how much I think I need that day. Just spread it evenly all over face.
  • Important! I apply sunscreen religiously everyday without fail (well, sometimes I do forget..) since I was 11 years old. The habit was formed when I was in the sailing team and always got sunburn on my face, especially my nose. Anyway sunscreen is important to help prevent pigmentation and dark spots and it helps to keep my skin fair.

That’s all for my daily skincare routine. I do the same for night time but I will apply face mask after I apply my serum and before I apply my moisturizer.

Day: Toner>Serum>Cream>Sunblock

Night:Toner>Serum>Mask Sheet>Cream






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