Turning 22

What have I accomplished in the past year? Got a job, pulled my GPA up, went to my cousins’ weddings… I can’t remember how I spent my time. So I’ve decided. I need to start noting down the things that went on with my life.

3 years ago I celebrated my 20th birthday at Korea. It was a graduation trip cum birthday present from my dad. Sadly he and my lil bro was unable to join me on the trip. Here’s a shot when I was touring Namsam Tower. I will write about my trip to Korea in another post. Better write it down before my memory starts to fade.


When I turned 21, my parents threw a birthday party for me at Downtown East chalet in a Family Suite. I didn’t expect my mom to rent such a big room for my birthday so I fret on who I should invite. In the end I invited everyone I know from secondary school friends, poly friends and university friends. It was fun having so many people to celebrate my birthday and at the same time very embarrassing because all the attention was on me. I didn’t have the skills in entertaining so many people. Being a host is tiring and I don’t think I will want to try that again anytime soon.

The background was orange so I decided to go with a Hawaii/Tropical theme. Here’s some photos:

These guys did a really funny mushroom-sprouting dance for me. Wished I had taped it!!!


Today.. I turned 22. I feel so old and it just dawn upon me that I’m getting closer and closer to 30. When I was 10, I feel that people in their 20s are old. Now that I am in my 20s, I feel that “old” is only when I reach maybe 50? Cause I don’t think I have changed much at all from my teens. Just that really tiny wrinkles are popping around the corners of my eyes and I just keep gaining weight. *sobs*


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